The world has changed so much in the last few months. Since lockdown was introduced in the UK back in March of this year, our whole lives changed because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Suddenly, we could no longer visit our families, go out to restaurants for meals, or head to concerts or live sporting events. The plant hire industry understands what it takes to make sure live sporting events take place in a safe and effective manner, where all competitors and attendees are as safe as possible. With social distancing rules still in place and lockdown beginning to ease, how will sporting events function in a post-covid world, or a world where we are still on high alert?

Sport is important for the morale of society as a whole. It isn’t more important than the health of the masses, and it was right to be postponed during lockdown, but now that the conversation has shifted back to live sporting events taking place again, there must be a consensus as to how this is achieved in the safest possible manner. In terms of putting in place the structures and the protocols to keep people safe, there is a healthy history of plant hire companies assisting with the provision of machinery and equipment that helps with the staging of live sporting events. They can be utilised further at this point to double down on the health and safety aspects of staging a sporting event, and ensuring that every single person in attendance, in any form of capacity, is as safe as possible.

Sport is always a central part of how we stay entertained as a society and getting its return right is key to the next phases of lockdown being eased in the UK, with horse racing and football the two highest profile examples over the coming weeks and months. The organisations running sport have to bear in mind the drastic changes required to keep spectators, competitors and all the staff behind the scenes safe at all times. It will be a challenge but with the right protocols and the right support from plant hire companies and other services to assist with the safety and organisational side of matters it is very much achievable.

As you can see, the best plant hire companies have a clear understanding of how to make live sporting events go off without a hitch. Even where there are no spectators in the early days of the return of live sport, there is still a need for the right type of equipment and machinery to be used within sporting arenas and the surrounding areas to keep the event functioning at a high level and for there to be a high standard of safety at all times. If you take the example of a Premier League game and how it might still take around 300 people to be present to stage one match in a stadium, you can see how that is still quite a high number of people to manage safely, and with the support of a quality plant hire specialist, these events can contribute to our society returning to some sort of ‘normal’.

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