Plan to travel to Arizona sometime next year? You may want to prepone your plans to October 2020! There’s no denying that there are numerous things to do and enjoy in Arizona, but when it comes to food, the local people are nostalgic. Some of the most unique and flavorful tacos can be enjoyed at top restaurants in Phoenix, and if you want to enjoy beyond the obvious picks, you should definitely attend the Arizona Taco Festival, scheduled for 24th and 25th of October, 2020. From enjoy the best of tequilas, to participating in a taco eating contest, there’s so much to explore at the 2-day event.

A guide to the event

Arizona Taco Festival promises a feast for visitors, with more than 100 varieties of tacos competing at the event. From the classic Al Pastor, to something fun like smoked pork belly tacos, expect the obvious and unexpected here. Entry tickets will be available online, and we recommend that you book yours as soon as the organizers start accepting bookings. For the love of tequilas¸ there will be a separate tent for Tequila Expo, where you can enjoy the best of agave-based spirits and learn abouttequilas from the makers. You need a separate ticket for that, but one small $20 fee allows you to enjoy 10 samples of exquisite and premium tequilas. Also, there will be cocktails and other things that you can try.

Take part in taco eating contest

You surely love tacos, but are you ready to compete with others when a stop watch is involved? Stuff your face with tacos at the event in a special taco eating contest. You have six minutes, and you are supposed to finish 6 tacos as quickly as possible. That may sound easy, but we promise that the fun will double up because you have to complete eating an entire taco for it to count! You can sign up for this contest directly at the event.

Things to know

Arizona Taco Festival is open for one and all, and you can always choose to attend on either of the dates. We recommend that you try fish tacos and vegan options at the festival, but there are also other weird tacos to enjoy. Make sure that you have booked the tickets, and the organizers are accepting queries, so if you wish to go in a group, or need large bookings, contact them directly.

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