Organizing an event involves making a lot of decisions. Picking a venue is a decision that will greatly affect your event. The venue you choose will influence the date of the event, the experience of attendees, and your catering options. To make the process a little easier, here are some tips for picking a great space or venue for your next corporate event:

Consider the Accessibility of the Venue

Your event venue’s location is important to maximize event attendance. Before you choose a location, make sure transportation is readily available to those who will attend the event. If you will expect VIPs or high-level executives in attendance and the only flights available require more than one leg, your event may not have the number of participants you expect. Also, ensure there is sufficient parking or vale services for participants who want to drive to the venue.

Confirm Capacity and Minimums

Determine the room capacity of the rental space to ensure it can accommodate all your expected attendees comfortably. If you are not sure about the exact number of people who will turn up for the event, hire somewhere that is the ideal size for your ideal participant size. Also, confirm that the venue has fire and safety codes it abides by. Moreover, if the event space rental provides food and/or beverages, check if it sets a minimum spending amount. Negotiate if it can offer complimentary services in return if your spending reaches a certain level.

Think about what You Need the Venue to Handle

As you consider the venue and the costs, ensure it provides you with an explicit list of what it offers and what it does not. When hiring a ballroom, it may offer you everything you need. Other venues will just offer the space and you will take care of the caterer, seating, and other needs. Some venues have a preferred vendor list form which you should work. Others have restrictions on décor and other aspects of the event, so make sure to have a productive dialogue with management. Take a look at the technology the venue has available and make sure it can offer technical support on the day. Most big venues have high-quality AV equipment and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Consider the Mood or Theme you Want

If you are planning a black-tie affair, you may want to hire a space at a restaurant for the event. You will want a ballroom somewhere that is far more suitable for the kind of event you want to host.

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