The popularity of online events has increased a lot because of the pandemic. This has also made people realize that online events are also a good option for conducting events. People have started to notice how online events are not only more convenient, but the cost of online events is also very less than regular events. These things have led to a rise in the number of online events singapore planners and planners from other countries.

The Cost

The cost of conducting a regular event is very high. When a regular event has to be conducted, the food, drinks, a hall, and many other things are paid for. This can prove to be very costly in most cases. Whereas most of these prices are cut down when conducting an event online.


Online events are very comfortable for the guests as well as the host. All of the people participating in an online event can join the event from their homes’ comfort. They do not have to travel miles to be a part of the event. This is very convenient for everyone.

All of these factors are the reason which has helped in boosting the popularity of online events.

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