You will find countless blogs online that will tell you how challenging it is to organize a corporate event. Well, now that is not what we are going to discuss today.

We are here to help you plan a perfect corporate bash by focusing on one thing at a time. In fact, by breaking the entire process of planning a corporate party into 7 steps, you can organize a perfect one pretty easily. Besides, these steps will help you stay focused and thereby accomplish one small mission at a time. So, let’s see what these steps are:

7 steps of planning a perfect corporate bash

  • Make lists – Listing is like the first thing you must be doing before organizing any event, personal or corporate. They will not only help in breaking down the process, but will also make each task manageable. Besides, your list will tell you how much have you achieved, and how much more is left.
  • Make a team – Most companies have an events team, but if yours don’t have one, now is the time to make it. Involve people with different skills and interests. End of the day it will be the team work that will make an event successful.

  • Work on figures – Finding out how much you can spend is one of the most important tasks. Next, once you have a budget in mind, divide it under different heads like – venue, decoration, food, drinks, entertainment, extras, etc.
  • Finalize a date – Good venues get reserved very quickly in big cities, and thus it is important that you finalize a date well in advance. Thursdays are mostly accepted as the most popular days to organize any corporate event. Then again, any day is fine as far as it suits most of the individuals attending the party.
  • Booking a venue –  While looking for a venue, keep the following key points in mind. 
  • Capacity – It should accommodate your entire guest list comfortably
  • Location – It has to be easily accessible
  • Theme – The venue should suit your party theme, if you want to save on decorations.
  • Facilities – If there are going to be speeches and felicitations, the venue must have necessary equipment.
  • Food and Drinks – Most of the venues offer in-house catering. If the venue you select has a reputation of serving good food and beverages, you better stick with their in-house catering team.

  • Music and entertainment – For this, you can either hire a DJ or have a live band performance. Do whatever you think will be appreciated the most.

Lastly, we recommend that you go through the last year’s feedback. It will give you a lot of inspiration, as well you will learn what can be done better.

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