Hosting a corporate event in monsoon is one of the most daunting questions you will ever ask. If you still have a choice, try your best to plan your company event in third or fourth quarters of the year. But there are cases where this season can be thought upon by companies and a lot of ROI should also be considered for the same like team off sites and distributer meetings, for instance. This article will help you weigh your options when it comes to planning a corporate event in monsoons. Many spaces offer you discounts in such off season. Here are the pros and cons you must consider as a client when planning an event during monsoons.


  1. Low costs

Booking a space in off season can help you save a lot. And as a client you can also negotiate easily and land on a package when comparing cost at that time.

  1. Resorts and offsites are usually less crowded

When it comes to planning a monsoon trip with your team and planning some team building exercises, you can go for resorts or off sites. Thus, buyouts are possible and the weather would also fuel some emotion to enhance events like Dinner Shows in Orlando overall.

  1. Other services are also discounted

Monsoon slows the entire industry down which makes other complimentary services available at a cheaper price too.


  1. Weather is a factor

The monsoon weather is certainly a concern in the off season. Thus, apart from the cost saving there are many odds of your event not being capable of creating an everlasting impact because of the lack of audience or can also be washed away because of torrential rains.

  1. Accessibility and Attendance

No matter if the weather is stable during the event and not before or after the event, it can be an issue, it can directly impact the accessibility and attendance on the basis of how weather behaves before the event and the recall for the event may also be impacted on the basis of how weather stays after the event.

These are the most basic pros and cons being listed above, there could be more factors related to the same. But when you hire a good event planner, they can effectively help organizing an event in no matter what the weather stays like. But also know that what works for one company, may not work for another, so, consider the same.

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